Cloud Orchestration Platform

Software Development

The Cloud Orchestration Platform enables complete deployment automation across infrastructure, network, security and components of a product/application.

Supported resource providers include:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Existing VMs (for cloud providers - compute, network and more)

Key features

  • Cloud resources management for computing, network, security groups, DNS (Route53), S3, IAM
  • Provisioning methods with Chef, userdata, Ansible
    - CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins integration plugin
    - Security support with disk encryption, credentials storage in Vault, security components catalog, IAM policies/profiles defined in the security blueprint, security compliance scan, Cloudwatch logs
  • Role separation / authorization model
  • Monitoring for runtime state, compliance, drift, security components and Chef status
  • Container management with Docker and Docker Swarm
  • Managed components including HAProxy, Vault, Docker host/swarm, Elasticsearch


The product is being used in several enterprise-scale organizations by DevOps teams internally. In particular, for moving infrastructure from on prem to cloud environment.


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