Human resources systems

Software Development

We have implemented a number of services for the client company to work with human resources:

The system for calculating wages and motivating employees

The client company has a large sales department in which employee salaries are calculated in a complex way depending on a number of different indicators. We have developed a system for employees in the HR department with which different salary schemes can be conveniently configured depending on which department the employee works in, as well as a visual design of a payslip that shows employees how their salary is calculated and what they have to do to increase their income.

A 360-degree performance appraisal system for company employees

We have developed a corporate service through which employees can rate each other based on a defined set of criteria. After the evaluation, employees and managers are provided with a wide range of analytical tools to monitor performance trends, ratings, and conflicts in the company.

Vacancy management

The system has implemented a fairly complex workflow for creating, approving and publishing job vacancies, which involves a large number of people with different roles.


Other projects